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Who is Landmark FuelSecure and how can they help you?

As a division of Landmark Tracking, we pioneer affordable and reliable fuel management, monitoring, and anti-theft solutions. Our intelligent and holistic approach to fuel management is a culmination of years of expertise and a keen understanding of fuel management concerns spanning across industry sectors.

We continuously grow and evolve, offering our clients complete fuel management solutions incorporating real-time reporting software, reliable hardware, expert consultation & maintenance. We are a team of dedicated professionals providing the highest quality service offering to our clients, using the latest technology and operational expertise.

What we strive to for

We are driven to make our fuel management and monitoring services as user friendly as possible to ensure that you get optimal results.
In order to achieve this, we settle for nothing less than the best when it comes to our customer service and technological offerings.


We provide top-of-the-line fuel security solutions at competitive rates.


Our customisable solutions offers our clients flexibility when it comes to their fleet fuel monitoring requirements.


Take back control of your fleets’ fuel usage with comprehensive fuel monitoring solutions.

Exceptional Reporting

Receive comprehensive and real-time data on our versatile, user-friendly dashboard.

Sector Transparency

Enjoy total transparency within your business and route out all potential areas for fraud and theft.

Customisable Dashboards

Only see the reports you want with a customisable fuel monitoring dashboard.

Compatible fuel containers

Our system can be installed and used on various fuel tank types including:

Static Fuel Tank

Above or below ground static fuel tanks.

Mobile Fuel Tank

Including hook–on and rig bowsers.

Water-Based Vessels

Large and small vessels.


Public and governmental locomotives.


Enterprise, medium, and small fleets.

Staff Transport & Coaches

Buses, taxis, vans and much more.

Generator Tanks

Open air or in-building.

Solar Solutions

Where power is an issue.

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