Easy-to-use Fuel Monitoring Dashboard App

Easily Monitor and Manage Your Fleets Fuel Usage
on One Central Dashboard

Easy-to-use Fuel Monitoring Dashboard App

Easily Monitor and Manage Your Fleets Fuel Usage
on One Central Dashboard

How can your business benefit from our FuelSecure Dashboard?

Fuel theft typically involve an employee who has access to the vehicle. This employee is often either working alone or in partnership with a syndicate and utilises a variety of tactics to siphon fuel from a vehicle. In some instances, the driver or syndicate partner will siphon fuel while the vehicle is being filled at a fuel depot.

Our FuelSecure dashboard allows fleet managers and owners to access real-time data directly from the fuel tank anywhere, anytime, and on any device. This data provides fleet managers with actionable insights that can help them identify instances of fuel theft, fuel usage, vehicle performance and so much more.

FuelSecure dashboard features

A robust and versatile platform available on Windows, Apple, and Andriod

Real Time Streaming

View fuel-readings / levels on demand directly from the fuel tank when fuel is dispensed, added, being siphoned, or consumed per transaction.

Schedule Alerts

Easily schedule low level and high level alerts and receive notifications for targeted events.

Comprehensive Reporting

Receive comprehensive and detailed reports regarding your fleets’ fuel usage per day, week, month, or year.

Detect and Prevent Fraud

With access to comprehensive fuel reports, schedule alerts, and real-time readings, you can easily identify and react to suspicious or fraudulent behaviour.

Live Monitoring

Know how much fuel your fleet is consuming in real-time and easily detect possible fuel theft.

Centralised Monitoring

Easily monitor fuel usage, engine performance, vehicle speed and idle times from one centralised dashboard.

Compatible fuel containers

Our system can be installed and used on various fuel tank types including:

Static Fuel Tank

Above or below ground static fuel tanks.

Mobile Fuel Tank

Including hook–on and rig bowsers.

Water-Based Vessels

Large and small vessels.


Public and governmental locomotives.


Enterprise, medium, and small fleets.

Staff Transport & Coaches

Buses, taxis, vans and much more.

Generator Tanks

Open air or in-building.

Solar Solutions

Where power is an issue.

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