Robust Fleet Fuel Monitoring Solutions

Gain Access to Superior Fuel Probe Technology and Safeguard Your Fleet from Fuel Theft

Robust Fleet Fuel Monitoring Solutions

Gain Access to Superior Fuel Probe Technology and Safeguard Your Fleet from Fuel Theft

How can your business benefit from our fuel monitoring systems?

A fuel management system combines modern fuel monitoring technology with GPS technology and high-end data management tools, to help you transform the way your fleet manages data. With a fuel monitoring system, you no longer require your drivers to document their fuel per trip, or notify when fuel is being dispensed.

Telematics hardware captures and transmits raw data back to an advanced dashboard. This data is what fleet managers can use to stay in-the-know when it comes to their fleets fuel expenditure and usage on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
Make every drop count!

Fuel management hardware features

State-of-the-art fuel probe technology

One Size Fits All

The fuel probes can be shortened or extended (up to 6 meters) to fit virtually any tank.

Hassle Free Maintenance

No maintenance of the fuel probe required, you simply install the probe and start receiving reports.

Large Variety of Probe Types

There are several different probes i.e. RS232, RS485, Analogue, CAN and GSM that can be utilised in different situations.

Cross-Device Monitoring

All the probe information can be viewed centrally from any device (Windows, Apple, or Android).

Versatile Weather Conditions

Fuel probes are designed and manufactured to withstand the hardy African weather conditions.

Monitor Fuel in any Tank Type

Probes can be fitted to static fuel tanks, mobile fuel tanks, water-based vessels, locomotives, vehicles, staff transport etc.

Fuel monitoring system benefits

Fuel monitoring made easy with cutting-edge technology

Monitor Fuel Consumption 24/7

Take back control of your fleets fuel usage with real-time fuel monitoring.

Notifications Per Transaction

Receive notifications whenever fuel is added, dispensed, or drained.

Pre-Programmed Alerts

Easily set up alerts for specific events which can be sent to any device.

Stay Ahead of Maintenance

Receive engine diagnostics and vehicle health reports monthly.

Providing you with superior fuel management solutions

Value-Added fuel monitoring solutions

As a fleet manager, having clarity on the why, what, when, where, and how much may often suffice when contemplating a fuel monitoring solution. However, certain industries necessitate an additional layer of oversight, namely the “who”. Landmark FuelSecure offers an optional value-added “tagging” add-on to complement your new or existing fuel monitoring system.

This innovative feature bolsters the security of your fuel transaction processes by identifying the individuals responsible for dispensing or receiving fuel at any given time. By utilising a tagging feature, individuals will need to “tag” themselves into the system before fuel can be released. This reduces your risks of fraud and helps you improve your fuel security.

Compatible fuel containers

Our system can be installed and used on various fuel tank types including:

Static Fuel Tank

Above or below ground static fuel tanks.

Mobile Fuel Tank

Including hook–on and rig bowsers.

Water-Based Vessels

Large and small vessels.


Public and governmental locomotives.


Enterprise, medium, and small fleets.

Staff Transport & Coaches

Buses, taxis, vans and much more.

Generator Tanks

Open air or in-building.

Solar Solutions

Where power is an issue.

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